Ergobaby Giveaway

Are you currently pregnant or have a little one? Do you baby wear or plan to? If you answered yes than this is a giveaway for you! I absolutely love the night sky print.  Good Luck to every one that enters.

ergobaby carrier giveaway


Welcome to the Ergobaby Original Carrier Giveaway Event!


Sponsored by Rose ou Bleu Baby Boutique and hosted by This West Coast Mommy.

One of my favourite must-have accessories for any mama or mama-to-be is a baby carrier. A good carrier will serve you well from those first newborn days right through to toddlerhood. From walking your colicky newborn around at two in the morning, to grocery shopping with a sleeping infant, to nursing your baby on the go, to running errands with a toddler, and then pretty much anything you have to do when you have an older child along too. A carrier saves your arms, your back, and your sanity!
Rose ou Bleu, a modern baby boutique based in Montreal, Quebec, is generously sponsoring this Ergobaby Original Carrier in my favourite Night Sky print for one lucky Canadian winner! Rose ou Bleu carries an impressive selection of items for the nursery and for playtime, and the friendly folks there are always happy to help with practical information and advice so you can find the right product to meet your needs. They also offer an online baby registry so expectant moms can easily let friends and family know just what they need. Rose ou Bleu offers full-service online shopping and FREE delivery in Canada on orders over $150. Continue reading

Spring Time & Colds

It’s been pretty quiet on both my blogs for over a week now because my household has been hit with a cold.  First my oldest son picked up a cold from school.  Once he was feeling better it seemed that we were all in the clear. Than a week later my youngest son and I got it and a couple days later my other half got it also. Followed with my oldest picking up a cough of his own.  At the moment we sound like some type of coughing orchestra.This cough is just lingering around longer than I care for.  So cross my fingers that we all get better this week and be done with it.

Oh yea and this morning I woke up to SNOW on April 15th, 2014.  Spring time…The last few days were beautiful and hit highs of +18. Now this.  Mother Nature get yourself together this isn’t funny anymore.


My Families Monster Jam Experience 2014

monster truck spidermanOn April 5-6 2014 Monster Jam had rolled into Hamilton, Ontario.  My family and I were lucky to get to go and see such an exciting show.  The week leading up all I heard was my kids counting down the days until Saturday.  This was our first time ever going to Monster Jam and my kids absolutely loved it.  Of course when we arrived my kids declared they were hungry so, popcorn, hotdog & drinks for them.  Than we found our seats.  The count down started and the show was on its way to starting.  The Monster truck were huge and you could feel your seat move when the loud rumbling Monster Trucks rolled out.  These trucks stand at 12 feet tall and are 10 thousand pounds. My sons eyes were glued to the show.  They especially liked the Spider Man Monster Truck driven by Bari Musawwir since that’s their favorite cartoon character.  Also the “Canada leaf” one as one of sons called it a.k.a Northern Nightmare driven by Cam Mcqueen.

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