Burt's Bees

I got this in the mail a few weeks back and have been using it. It’s Burts Bees Natural Anti Blemish Solutions. It contains Willow Bark and Salicylic Acid. I’m always looking for new and amazing face washes. Even though I’m out of my teen years I do still need something to prevent me from breaking out. The wash seem gentle enough for everyday use and doesn’t dry out my skin or leave red patches. A little goes along way with this. It is also pretty good at removing my daily make-up. It leaves me feeling clean and smooth. The Anti Blemish Spot treatment is much stronger since it is a spot treatment. It has a strong smell (doesn’t smell nice) to it and you can feel it on your blemish. It does seem to work faster than some other spot treatments out there on the market. It didn’t last mearly as long as the wash did since it comes in a small glass bottle, but you also won’t find yourself using it everyday.

I may or may not buy again.

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