Daily life…

Today is one of those days that all parents love, you know when the kids wake up on the wrong side of the bed. I was lucky and BOTH of them did. In case you didn’t notice there is sarcasm there. Finally the youngest is napping after fighting it for longer than he should have. Awww sleeping so peacefully. The oldest just recently deicided he doesn’t need naps anymore. When clearly he does at times, but today of course he’s fighting his sleep. Finally calmed down abit though and playing quietly while the baby sleep.

I wonder why kids eventually don’t like having naps. I would love one right about now.

Moving on…I got a new blog layout and I’m pretty happy with it for now.

Later tonight we are going out for dinner. Yummm, but with that being said I hope there isn’t a lovely toddler melt down this evening.

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