Jergens Natural Glow (Daily Moisturizer) (Review)

I got this for around $6-$8, so it’s pretty cheap. I got it in Medium to Tan skin tone. It comes with an easy to open flip top. 150ml of product inside. This moisturizer helps to build natural looking color on your skin in about a week. I did notice a little change after a few days, but nothing major and it wasn’t making me orange. It contains antioxidants & Vitamin E to help moisturizer and hold the color 2x longer. The cream inside is white with some shimmer in it. It rubs in easily and dries quick. I’m not a big fan of the smell though that could have been better since you are using it daily. There is another one for the face that you need to buy separate. I wouldn’t suggest using this one on your face. I did notice some irritation on my shoulders from using this and it wasn’t that moisturizering.

Like any other self tanners make sure to wash your hands after putting it on.

***and it does not contain any sunscreen


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