Maxi Cosi Foray (review)

On Friday my other half brought home the Maxi Cosi Foray stroller I’ve been eyeing, but never bought. I’ve been wanting it for some time and I finally have it!Yaaay 🙂 First off I love the way it looks and how the the seat can be facing the parent or out facing the world. The seat is pretty comfy for the little one and reclines easily by pressing a button on each side of the seat. The basket underneath is nice you could fit your purse/diapers/etc in it. It zippers from the front & drawstring on the backside of the basket. The handle can be adjusted to different heights and comes with a cup holder. The stroller can hold up to 50lbs. So, it’s good from newborn right up to toddler. The back tires are actual tires that you need to fill with air. The smaller front tires are made of a hard plastic. I LOVE that it comes with a rain cover that zips on so, your stroller still looks nice even in the rain. No need to worry about the bulky one-size rain covers that blow around and don’t look nice. It handles nicely and has a lot of room in it still with my 7 month old in it. He seems to approve of his new wheels ;] I’m able to attach his stroller toys to the removable bar on the seat.

The only downside to some might be that when putting it into a car trunk you need to remove the seat from the frame.

I’m happy with the stroller and would recommend it.

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