mOmma: Non-spill Cup & Dual Handle (review)

Recently I’ve been wanting my youngest son who turned 7 months today to try out a sippy cup. There is so many brands and types to choose from when cup hunting. I came across this cool looking one from a company out of Italy called “mOmma.” The cup is BPA Free. I like that the cup is round like a ball. The top won’t be touching the floor since the round shape is heavier at the bottom causing it to always flip back up right. The part that they drink from is a in between hard/soft plastic. My teething 7 month old loves it on his gums. The handles are a little flexible and easy for little hands to grab. The cup comes in 4 bright colors (Blue, Green, Red, Orange.) Even though the cup seems like it wouldn’t hold much because of the shape, it does (9oz.)

My 3 year old got a kick out of the cup because of the shape and was excited to see his little brother give it a try. The true test since my 7 month old has never been one for bottles he likes his milk straight from the source. Anyway so, I put some water in it for the test run. It was hard to suck the water from at first, but was easier after the first sip. Than he was happily sipping from it. Success! When he was done he than played with it for sometime since it is entertaining to him seeing it roll around.

When cleaning it you will have 5 pieces to clean. That’s including the handles. mOmma does make a bottle/cup cleaning brush you can purchase separate. I am glad I purchased it because I got it at an awesome price and it seems to be getting the job done.

Check out their site for more great products for your baby.

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