Swedish Beauty – Glamorous Beauty (review)


Swedish Beauty – Glamorous Beauty

Lavish Ultra Moisturizing Tan Extender Featuring AquaSilk Serum

Bottle Size: 16oz

Vitamin A, E and B5
Shea butter & Jojoba Esters
Paraben Free

Scent: I would say it’s a refreshing clean smell. It’s not over powering.

My thoughts: When I got my hands on this bottle of moisturizing tan extender I was happy with the size and design of the bottle. I like that it has a pump, so it’s easy to use and it’s not going to make a mess everywhere. I wanted to put it to the test. We all know tanning can dry out the skin if you don’t moisturize properly and on top of that the winter months are on us. So I was looking for a good lotion to keep my skin soft and smooth. The lotion rubs in smoothly and doesn’t leave the skin greasy, so I’m happy with that. A little goes a long way with this one, so it’s most likely going to last you awhile. I did notice pretty fast that it does the job it’s suppose to. I would most likely buy again.

Company claims: They say this lotion can help diminish fine lines and wrinkles. “AquaSilk Serum” holds and maximizes moisture in your skin. and contains “Swedish Marine Ingredients” to prevent moisture loss.

Website: http://www.swedishbeauty.com

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