Schick Quattro for Women Trim Style (review + pictures)

Spring is in the air and summer is right around the corner. It’s almost time to show off those legs and/or slip into that bikini. That leaves no room for hairy, ungroomed or razor burn skin.

Contents in box: Shaver/trimmer, 1 – 4 blade with aloe strip refill, 1 AAA battery, 1 shower hanger

*This product is shower safe*

A few days ago I received this “trim style” to review and here I go on what I think…


My thoughts: I like that this is 2 in 1 so, you can tackle more than one spot with only one product. The shaver end moves with your curves for a close shave and you have 4 blades with a aloe strip on the top. I’m a fan of 4 blades because you won’t miss a hair. When you are using your razor you do not need to have it powered on because that has nothing to do with your shaver side. When it’s time to change your blades it’s simply done with a easy to push button and pop a new one on.

The trimmer side comes with an adjustable comb. You can choose from 3 different lengths or pop it right off for a closer trim. it’s turned on with the power button located in the middle of the handle and takes 1 AAA battery. The trimmer is pretty loud, but does get the job done. To clean your trimmer you just need to use water.

The shower hanger has a suction cup to stick it to your shower wall, but I never have luck with those. Maybe it’s just my walls? I don’t know, but I don’t end up using it.

I would recommend it since you can tackle everywhere with one shaver/trimmer.

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