Budget Check For Me

As long as I can remember back I was never really good with money.  If I had it I HAD to spend it on anything really.  Even if I didn’t need it.  Recently I decided it was time to get everything in order and set up a monthly budget because I really want to be able to save up some money.  I wrote down all of our expenses that we have for the month and put some away into a tax free savings account and than the left over money is well left over money for whatever else we might need for the month.  I looked around online for a online budget site, but I’m not comfortable with linking my bank accounts to sites like those.  I’m sure there is sites out there that you don’t need to and you can input everything manually yourself, but I didn’t bother looking too hard and instead found an app on my phone.  It’s a simple one that you can keep track of everything you purchase, income, savings, expenses and it shows your charts and how much money you have left after everything.  I like having a budget because I feel like I have more control over the money now and I feel I know where everything is going to instead of just spending aimlessly and swiping the card all over the place.  Making a budget showed me just how much random spending was being done.


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