Earning Swagbucks

Search & Win

I’ve been using this site for sometime now and have cashed out many times already.  I normally go for the amazon.com gift cards because you can add them to your amazon account and save up for something that you really want.  They are only 450 swagbucks which can be reached pretty fast.

* First way to earn points is signing up for an account.  This will earn you 30 swagbucks right off the bat.

* Search daily. Make it your homepage if you forget to do your daily searches.  It works just like google and your awarded different amounts

* Check your “trusted surveys” area and earn 1 swagbuck daily.

* Do your surveys you can earn swagbucks fast this way if you qualify for the survey.

* Watch videos on swagbucks

* Answer the daily poll will get you 1 swagbuck a day

* Check the swag widget for codes

* Install the toolbar

* Check the blog/twitter/facebook for codes

* Invite your friends, family, everyone to join in!

* Do the special offers.  Just make sure to read exactly what they want.  Some of them aren’t worth it.

I have earned most of my points just by daily searches, doing the trusted surveys and finding the codes.  I just got another amazon giftcard last week and I’m working my way up to the next one again.  This isn’t a site that is going to take you forever to earn things.  Just make sure to do the daily things.  It doesn’t take long.  I would love if you signed up through my referral!


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