KidSwitch! A Great Solution

Remember being young and having to climb on chairs to reach the light? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t.  I do though.  Especially at night when taking a trip to the bathroom.  Kidswitch is a great solution that will keep your little ones safe and out of the dark.  It’s a simple pull down/push up handle that is installed by an adult.  It makes it simple for kids to flick the light on and off.  It also glows in the dark so, it’s easy for them to find in the middle of the night.  They come in 2 different styles one for toggle switches and one for Decora switches. They can be bought single or in multi-packs and include free shipping.  The KidSwitch would be a great addition to a child’s bedroom, play room, bathroom, hallway, etc…

When my 3 year old saw it was immediately interested in what it was and gave it a try.  He was excited about it because he normally needs to get myself or his father to turn on the light.  The KidSwitch can help your child feel even more independent since they can get the lights on and off without having to ask.


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