Adventures In Co-Sleeping and Tips

Before I had kids I never thought of co-sleeping once I had children. I actually thought that all babies slept in their cribs from day one.  Boy was I wrong…

From day 1 of having my own little one I have been pro co-sleeping as long as it’s done safely.  I loved having my little babies close to me and I could easily check up on them in the middle of the night.  Also night time feedings were a breeze for my breast fed baby.  He could easily latch on and both fall asleep again.  I felt like I still got enough sleep to function properly throughout the day.  So, of course both my little ones have spent a year co-sleeping with myself and their father.  My first born stopped co-sleeping around 1 1/2 year old.  He was a mover and would do 360′s in the middle of the bed and kicked in his sleep.  I and Daddy both find ourselves hanging off the bed in the last few days.  He was actually pretty easy to get into his own crib in his own room.  It took about a week flat.  Now a day he sleeps just fine in his big boy bed in his own room and has no problem falling asleep.

Round 2! Baby #2 has finally hit a 1 year old and it’s about time I start to transition him into his own bed.  Even though there is no set age when to stop around a year works with our family.  For right now I have his pack n’ play set up on my side of the bed for easy access to him in the middle of the night.  His crib located in his brother’s room stands lonely and waiting for him. The first night went over alright.  A couple wake ups here and there, but most likely because he still wakes a couple times a night for a night feeding and cuddle.  Once he was done I quietly put him back into the pack n’ play.  I found that I actually woke up more often to check up on him and to check what time it is.  On the plus side it was nice having room in bed to stretch out and not worry about bumping into the little one.  The second night he woke up once for a feeding and then was back down until 5:30am.

Tips to Safe Co-Sleeping

– Make sure the bed is tight fitting against the wall or bed frame to prevent baby from slipping and getting stuck

– Just like they say no loose blankets & pillows in a baby crib same rules apply to your bed.

– If you have been drinking or using drugs it’s NOT safe to co-sleep because your body will not respond and you could roll over the baby

– Put baby to sleep on his/her back

– If you want your baby close, but not right in bed with you they sell bedside co-sleepers.

– And don’t worry your child isn’t going to sleep in your bed forever


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