Dr Beckmann Stain Devils #5

I recently tried out Dr Beckmann Stain Devil stain removers.  I decided to tackle the hardest stain I’ve encountered.  The wall beside my oven seems to get it pretty bad when I  decide to fry something or make a sauce.  Even with my best efforts to protect the wall sometimes some cooking oils splash on the wall.  In the past I have found these stains to be pretty hard to get out.  So when I saw a stain remover that is targeted for “Fat and cooking oils” I knew it was something I had to put to the test.  Step 1 place a cloth below and apply the product to the effected area.  Let the product sit for 10-15 minutes.  Than use a dry cloth and work from the outside in.  Repeat is necessary.  I found it did  help loosen up the oils and made it easier to remove.

They don’t stop at just Cooking oils and grease.  They have a full selection of 9 other stain removers for everything you can think of.  Plus some for laundry that can help with color run or mixing colors  while washing.  You can now find Dr Beckmann Stain Devils in Walmart Super Centers in Canada.  This was the first time I have heard of them, but glad I did because in life you also run across a stain that is stubborn to remove and it’s nice knowing that Dr Beckmann has the right solution to make the job easier.


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