Planning Ahead For Halloween

This whole year has been flying by, so I’m thinking ahead to Halloween already. I love Halloween and every year I begin planning months ahead.  I’ve even noticed some Halloween decorations popping up in stores already.  My oldest has been Spider man, Buzz Light Year & A Ninja Turtle.  He usually picks the costume of a character from a show or movie he likes at the time.  My youngest has been a little cute Bat.  This year I’m not too sure what the kids will be yet, but shopping around online has got the ideas flowing.  For myself I’ll probably be a cop since I’ve been wanting too for awhile now.

For all your Halloween Costumes | Plus size costume | Childrens Costumes shop at this great store that offers many great costumes for affordable prices.  They even have costumes for pets, so you can include your furry family member.

Have any of you started planning for Halloween? and what have your little ones been?


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