A Fun List of Pregnancy Old Wives Tales

old wives’ tale

Noun: A superstition or traditional belief that is regarded as unscientific or incorrect.

I can almost guarantee that we have all heard an old wives tale at some point in our life.  I decided it would be fun to put together a little list of some of the most and not so common pregnancy old wives tales.


- If you’re having a girl you will crave sweets

- If you’re having a boy you will crave salty foods

- Next time you pee check the color dull yellow = girl and bright yellow means boy

- Nose getting wider or bigger means a boy

- If you can only think of girl names than your probably having a girl.  Same goes with boy names

- If you lay on your left side your having a boy. Right side = girl.

- Heartburn means your baby will have lots of hair

- If your feet are colder your having a boy

- If a toddler boy shows interest in the pregnant women it is said that your  having a girl

- Carry out front means boy and all around a girl.  I’ve heard this one go both ways.

- Dry hands mean you’re having a boy

- If you don’t have the pregnancy “glow” it’s because you’re having a girl and she’s stealing your beauty

- Heart rate 140 bpm & above points to a girl. Under 140 bpm is a boy

- If you see something ugly while pregnant you will have an ugly baby

- If you have morning sickness it is said that your having a girl

- Pregnant women can’t have baths

- When in labor their needs to be a pot of boiling water going

- The Ring Test place it on string if it goes back and forth you’re having a girl, circles mean you’re having a boy

- If you pick up a key by the top you’re having a boy & if you pick it up at the bottom you’re having a girl

- Mayan Tale mothers age at conception and the year of conception if the number is even your having a girl

- If your skin is less than prefect and breaking out while pregnant you’re having a girl

- If your left breast is larger you’re having a girl. right = boy.

- If you have kids already you can get insight into what the next will be.  They say if your child’s first word was mama than your having a girl and if it was dada it’s a boy

- If your legs stay in shape your having a girl.  If they get big your having a boy.

- If you’re moody while pregnant you’re having a girl

- If you eat the end of the bread you’re having a boy

- Clumsy while pregnant = you’re having a boy.  Graceful = a girl

- While dreaming you will see what gender your having

- If you have headaches your having a boy

- Pee on dandelions and they will turn red and blister if you’re pregnant

- **WARNING** It is not safe to mix urine with draino or bleach.  They will let off toxic fumes that are not safe to be inhaling. The Draino test is said to change color when mixed with urine and can indicate if your having a boy or girl.   The Bleach Test is suppose to fizz if your pregnant.

- Before pregnancy test were around rabbits were used.  It was believed that if you inject the woman blood into a rabbit their ovaries swelled it meant that the woman was pregnant. Such a cruel test…

Question: What old wives tales have you heard that I haven’t mentioned?

9 thoughts on “A Fun List of Pregnancy Old Wives Tales

  1. hahaha! I think all of these were WRONG for me – all 4 times! Lol.

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  2. Oh I am having fun reading this post…hillarious but that’s the fact..some of them are still believed for supersticious reason :)
    I am landed from MBS Alexa blog hop, your new follower now on GFC and on my way to leave a review for you. Please visit me back at http://cutecoconut.com and return the favor..oh and I would be very happy to have you in my GFC too :)

  3. Not really related to pregnancy but there are a lot of modern day wives tales as well such as “the cold weather gives you a cold” or that “cheese gives you nightmares.”

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