Halloween Tips

Halloween is almost here. Time for the fun to begin.  Just remember these simple tips to make sure you have a fun and safe evening.

– Set out your route ahead of time.  Go down one side of the street than the other.  Avoid zigzagging from house to house.

– Go out in small groups with an adult

– If your in an area that is cool in the evening make sure that your child can still dress warm under their costume.

– Children should have reflectors, flashlights or glow sticks on them so they are seen

– Make sure to check your child’s candy before they eat any.  Throw the unwrapped ones.

– Make sure costume is not too long.  You don’t want them tripping.

– Visit only houses with their lights on

– Make sure children know not to go into houses or into cars.

– Stay on the sidewalks and not the street

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