Thanksgiving {Canada} Check list

It’s that time of the year again.  Canadians will be celebrating  Thanksgiving on October 10th this year.  Which is also my little sisters birthday (happy early birthday ;)) The one time of the year when Turkey is on almost everyone’s menu for the day.   Mmm… Thanksgiving dinner is always right up there with Christmas dinner.  I remember being younger and my Mom would be up bright and early getting a start on everything.  Family would come over.  It would always be a busy day and lots of fun.

Check list for Thanksgiving Dinner

(This will vary from house hold to house hold, but it’s how I always remembered mine)

[  ] Turkey

[  ] Homemade stuffing

[  ] Brown sugar glazed Carrots

[  ] Mashed potatoes

[  ] Homemade gravy

[  ] Parsnip, Squash, etc…

[  ] Cranberries

[  ] Fresh bread

[  ] Apple pie

[  ] Pumpkin pie

[  ] Peanut brittle

[  ] Homemade soup

The next day was almost always some more turkey.  Either as is or put into a hot turkey sandwich.


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