Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker

If there is one product I could recommend to a mother with a baby at the age of exploring foods it would be the Baby Brezza.  You can buy one for $99.99.  It will easily pay its self-off in no time and can be used again with future children for even more savings.  Most brand name jarred baby food run for .60 – $1 + per jar depending on size, stage, and brand.  As your child gets more into eating solids you will find yourself buying many jars of different foods and going through them just as fast.  The Baby Brezza is simple to use and doesn’t take long to whip up something quick, healthy and fresh for your child.  You can use all the foods that you would normally eat and buy.  Make sure that you start with age appropriate foods and wait a week before introducing new foods just like with jarred foods.  It came with a bunch of recipe cards also to help start you out.

It really is a one-step baby food maker. You can steam or steam & blend foods. Simply prepare your fruit, vegetable even meats and place it in. You set your time that it needs to cook and once that is done it blends the food to be smooth and easy for your young one to eat. You can freeze the leftovers in cube trays and defrost with your Baby Brezza when needed. I really like mine and even use it when wanting to make a quick applesauce for my oldest. I’ve gone down the route of steaming the veggies, fruits, etc. on the stove and then putting in the blender, but I prefer my Baby breeza since it saves me time and I only need to use it. I’ve also used jarred baby foods with my oldest when he was younger, but much prefer making my own baby food and that’s just what I did for my youngest. He turns his head to any jarred food, but will happily try any fresh food placed in front of him. From my observations fresh made baby food smells & even has a better taste.
It doesn’t take up much room on the counter. It has suction cups on the bottom so, it doesn’t slip around. It is simple to clean. It’s a 5/5 rating in my eyes and will be used for any future children.

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