Introducing My New Baby

Yesterday my baby came home.  It’s cute, purple and small enough to take everywhere.  Thanks to Mr N (my other half, loveee) got me it.  It’s my little baby blogging machine haha.  So, I’m back in the blogging world again.   I have to play some caught up on a few posts, but everything will be back.  My other computer had finally kicked the bucket after years of use.  It had a good run though and will be missed.

I feel like so much has gone on since my computer problems started that I could write a huge blog post, but I’ll save us both times and cut it short…

– My oldest is now 4 years old! Times flys by so fast, I remember giving birth to my cute little baby back in 2008 on such a cold day.

– There is a snow storm happen right now.  The most snow we have seen all winter this year.  Before that we just got light dusting of snow and I’m in Ontario CANADA!  we are use to lots of snow by now, but I really enjoyed the delayed winter.

– Made a switch over to Bell fibe TV.  So far I love it.

– My youngest is still a little daredevil and learning new things daily

– Next month my oldest has to be registered for school!  I’m going to miss him when he’s gone off to school *sniffles*

– Last night = toilet drama, but that will get it’s own post 😉



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