Toilet Drama & How To Fix Clog

The Story…The Clog….The Toilet Drama…

If your just looking for the tip to fix your problem than scroll on down to the end of the post.  Otherwise continue and read my rant about the know it all “landlord” that actually doesn’t.

Last night we got in from some shopping and my potty training son decides he has to go the toilet and do some #2 business so, of course I go in with him and he does his business.  I give him his sticker to put on his “Potty Page” and than turn around and what do I see…Yikes! toilet is filling up to the rim.  Mr N takes matters into his hands and starts with the plunger.  He was able to at least get the water down, but it was still clogged.  He goes downstairs to get the landlord and a different one from the building across comes over to try and tackle the job.  He tried for  a total of maybe 15 minutes and came to the conclusion that it was clogged solid because one of my kids put a toy down it.  I quickly tell him that there is no way a toy just got put down because I was in the bathroom and my son didn’t put anything in the toilet.  He keeps shaking his head and insisting that it’s a toy clog because it’s bubbling when he attempts to plunge.  Than he starts blaming our plunger saying that it’s garbage.  Ummm excuse me it’s not some cheap dollar store plunger and I’m sorry that your basically beating the toilet and making a plunger hat.  Watching him was just so awkward and he seemed like he just wanted to go.  He attempts to snake the toilet, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t use the whole 6feet of it.  He was too busy shaking the toilet off the wall it looked like.  He attempted “7-9 more times” in his words.  His verdict.  You need to have the toilet removed and than we will see that the kids put toys down it and clogged it.  Oh yea and we would have to pay for it.  He told us that he wasn’t going to do it that night though.  It was almost 10pm.  I once again told him because I was 99% sure neither of my kids put toys in the toilet that it wasn’t that.  He replies with “Well I do this for a living and something other than waste or paper is down there” He couldn’t even get the water going down.  He leaves and we notice that the toilet snake thing he was using and sat in our freshly cleaned bathtub had chipped our tub.   Great I have a dirty, chipped tub and I have to pee and the toilet isn’t working.  I than turn to trusty old google and looked up some tips.  I told Mr N one of the tips and that’s just what he did and it worked within half an hour.  I wanted to jump for joy and go tell Mr know it all that it’s fixed.  So much for “doing it for a living.”  The man who does not do it for a living fixed the toilet.  My bladder thanks Mr N for doing such a great job haha.

How To Unclog the Toilet

Hot Water & Plunger

It’s also good to have some patience

How It Works

Fill a  bucket with hot water and pour it into the bowl from about your waist height.  Let it sit for a bit and than plunge.  Water should start going down slowly.  Repeat as needed.


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