Tales of a Stay At Home Mom

Let me introduce myself to you.  I’m Krystal aka Mama.  You know I’m the owner of this blog.  I have 2 kids a sweet, but wild 4 year old and his 1 1/2 year old brother who is a little monkey, but with first glance you would think he is a shy quiet little guy.  He has everyone fooled.  I’m also a cleaner, personal chef, nurse, referee, personal assistant, and so much more.  I love my job though and wouldn’t change it.  I love being at home with my children on a daily basis watching them grow and just spending these young days with them.  It won’t be long until they are older and no longer want to hang out with mom.

Some days seem longer than others.  Some days I want to throw the surrender flag up and accept defeat.  As any mother know you can clean, clean and clean some more and somehow it looks like nothing has been done.  My little tornadoes follow close to make sure nothing is untouched.  On the other hand they can also be the sweetest little guys ever that seem like they can do no wrong.  When its nap time for baby S and big D is having some quiet time I get bored and don’t know what to do with myself.  Sometimes I have to remind myself of the smart quote “don’t wake a sleeping baby.”

Nap time is done and all of a sudden my living room is turning into a sports stadium and it’s time for some ball.  The kid’s running back and forth. Making up their own games and rules as they go.  Next the giggling stops and I hear “Mamaaaa MAMAAAAA”  yup baby S doesn’t feel the game is being played fair and he needs mama for backup.  I put on my imaginary referee shirt and have to step in before things get out of hand and the boys are wrestling.  Time for a water break!

Another big job I have during the day is being a chef.  Baby S loves to eat so he makes my job a little easier, but Big D is a picky eater.  I ask him what he wants hoping to make things easier, but it doesn’t work out half of the time.  I make him the food and all of a sudden he doesn’t want it.  Baby S happily eating his lunch and making his “Mmmm nom Mmmmm” sounds.  Big D continues his taste test for lunch making sure to smell the food, touch the food, and lick the food than finally tasting it. If it makes it that far in the test center of Big D.   I just wait for the moment I don’t hear “Ewww Yuck.”

Just writing this has taken me more time than it should since I have to take many breaks during the day.  My 24/7 week job may not be paid in money, but it is paid in hugs, kisses and cuddles.  I have many more stories for a later date.  Until then I’ll leave you with

 Signs You’re a Mother of Little Ones

Just in case you missed the memo & birth or maybe you’re on your way to being a new mom here are things to look forward to.  If I missed any leave a comment below

  • Your purse is now weight down with diapers, wipes, toys, snacks, drinks
  • Don’t Do That!, No, Get off of there is said many times during the day.  Especially when you have a little one who tries to climb the back of couch and table like they are mountains and he’s the climber that needs to concur it.
  • Sometimes you find yourself humming cartoon songs from your child’s favorite show while out and about.  Not to mention you often find yourself watching a cartoon wondering what you’re doing as the little ones are off doing something else.
  • You know that when the kids are quiet something is going on and to proceed with caution you don’t know what you’re going to walk into
  • You finally understand your own mother
  • Shower time might be your only quiet time to relax.  Until your child hears the shower and starts banging on the door and yelling out ” MAMA MAMA MAAAAMMAAAA”
  • You know the second the phone rings the kids will be asking you a million questions or demanding things to be done that second.  It doesn’t matter if it’s an important call.
  • Once in the blue amazing day you actually have time to shower, do your hair, makeup and look half decent.
  • You finally get time to go out yourself and find yourself missing your kids more than ever and you just want to go home and be with them.
  • You find yourself reading the same book over and over for a week straight because it’s your child’s favorite book at the time.
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