This Isn’t A Diet

Make a Lifestyle Change

I’m 3 weeks into losing weight and being serious about it.  I’m also 4 days into the 2 week challenge with Zaggora Hot Pants Vivas.  I’ve been noticing a pretty good change already.  I’m down 6.4 lbs  and yes that . 4 counts to me.  I’m not jumping on any fad diets because I know before I start that I’m setting myself up to fail.  I’ve just been eating way healthier and paying more attention to my calories and making sure I get them from more healthier foods.  I’ve cut alcohol drinks right out since when I drink them the scale won’t budge and I end up making unhealthy food choices.  I’m excited to see a sight improvement happening already.

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Food Portion Chart

I’ve added more exercise to my day.  First thing in the morning once the kids are eating their breakfast I do a quick 20 minute work out.  I love starting my day off like that since I seem to have way more energy through out the day.  Than I usually throw in another 20 minute work out while the kids are either napping or having some quiet time.  I end my day with an evening walk that is normally at least 60 minutes and sometimes pushing a stroller with the little ones.  Since increasing the amount of exercise I get a day and drinking 8+ cups of water a day I’ve noticed I’m less likely to snack in the evenings.

Now with all that said I can’t say I 100% cut out all the bad food choices.  That’s unrealistic and I know from past attempts I set myself up and go off track for a month or two.  In the end I feeling guilty that I couldn’t stay on track and wishing I would have stuck to eating healthy because I would have been closer to my goal weight.  I just make sure when I do indulge in something I love I don’t go overboard.  Example I’m not going to eat a whole bag of chips, I’m not going to load up on ice cream or cupcakes.  I have the right portion to kill off the craving.

– Start today because tomorrow your going to wish you had

– Make realistic goals

– Remember the weight didn’t come on over night.  It also won’t go over night

– If you have one bad day let it go and continue your journey

– Get up and get active


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