Nurse In @ Pirates Cove Littleton, CO.


Calling all breastfeeding mothers in Littleton, Colorado. This is a last minute post, but there will be a nurse in at Pirates Cove at 10am – 1pm MDT TODAY. Show up and support breastfeeding rights. On July 8th one mother who was at Pirates Cove with her family was asked to “Cover up as much as possible or use the family bathroom.” because some families had complained about it. By law she has all rights to breastfeed her child anywhere she likes.

To read the full story head over to the Facebook event page

I’m all the way up in Ontario, Canada but have been following this story. Obviously not able to attend, but want to show my support. I have currently breastfed my child for 2 years and in those two years have had to breast feed in public areas. Never have I been asked to cover up or go to the bathroom.

The whole “cover up as much as possible” isn’t always that simple. Once my child was around 6 months he did not want to be covered up and I don’t blame him. It gets hot being covered up in the summer heat and it’s annoying to have a blanket in your face. I don’t know why breastfeeding mothers are still being treated this way. Breastfeeding is the natural way to feed our babies and mothers have rights to feed their babies anywhere they need to.

So, want to do lunch? we can meet in the bathroom (sounds appetizing doesn’t it?) or how about do lunch under cover?

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