Part Two: Old Wives Tales & Pregnancy Symptoms – Boy or Girl?!

boy or girl

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Baking Soda Test

Mix Urine & Baking Soda.  Where this scientific test comes from I have no idea.  Word has it that if the mixture fizzes you will have a boy and no fizz you will have a girl

Red Cabbage Test

Cut up a fresh red cabbage and get your water boiling.  Once it’s boiling add the red cabbage and boil for 10 minutes.  The water should turn blue.  Then remove it from the stove.  Remove the cabbage from the water.  Mix equal parts urine and the cabbage water.  If the mixture turns purple you’re having a girl.  If it goes pink/red you’re having a boy.

Ring Test
What You Need

  • Your Wedding Ring
  • Your Pregnant Belly
  • String

Place your wedding ring on a string and hold it over your belly.  Try to be still while holding it.  If it swings back and forth it’s a boy and if it goes in circles it’s a girl

Hair Line Of Previous Child

With this one you simply look at your previous child’s hair line at the back of their neck.  If the hair line is straight across your next child will be of the same gender.  If it comes to a point you will have the opposite of what you have already.

History of Your Parent’s Kids

They say you can determine what you’re having from the order your parents did.  If you’re the first born you will have what your mother had as her second child.  If you’re a middle child you will have what your mother had as her third child.  If you’re the last you will have your children in the same order as your mother.

Eat a Clove of Garlic

If you can eat a clove of garlic and the smell does not come out your pores you’re having a girl.  If it’s smelled you’re having a boy



Girl Boy
Crave fruits Crave Protein
Your belly looks like a watermelon Your belly looks like a basketball
Your face breaks out Dad gains weight
Linea Nigra runs up to belly button Linea Nigra runs past belly button
You have morning sickness You don’t experience morning sickness
You want sweets You want salty and/or sour foods
Heart rate is higher than 140 beats per minute Heart rate is under 140 beats per minute
Put a wooden spoon and scissors under your bed with a pink bow under your pillow Increased Headaches
Fuller face Norrow face
You will be graceful You will become clumsy
You will be more moody You will be more cheerful
Breast will become sore

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