Fever Facts & Numbers

With back to school and temperatures changing cold and flu season is just around the corner.  Yesterday my youngest was battling a fever, so today I figured I would put together a quick reference for fevers.

Low Fever Common Fever High Fever
37.3°C to 38.3°C (99°F to 100.9°F) 38.4°C to 39.7°C (101°F to 103.5°F) Over 39.8°C (103.6°F)

Fevers are  a symptom of either viral or bacterial infections.  They are a sign that the body is fighting off an infection.  Normally a fever can be dealt with at home.  Just monitor your child and see how they look, feel and are acting.  Children under 3 months do need to be seen by a doctor because it could be more serious for them.  A normal temperature is 36°C to 37.2°C (97°F to 99°F.)

Causes of Fevers

Viral infections such as Colds, Flu, Roseola, Chicken Pox are not treated with antibiotics.  They just need to run their course.  Bacterial infections such as strep throat, pneumonia, bladder infections can be treated with antibiotics, so you should see a doctor.  Some children will experience a fever while teething, but generally their temperature will not go higher than  38.4°C (101°F.)

Giving Medicine

You can give your child Tylenol or Advil to help relieve discomfort.   They do not treat the infection.  Tylenol has 4-6 hours relief.  While Advil is 8 hour relief.  Do not give Aspirin to children 12 years and under. When giving your child medicine go by their weight for a more accurate dosage.


Use lukewarm face cloth and wipe them down to help cool them off
Get enough sleep because the body needs it
Give them cool liquids to drink to prevent dehydration
Don’t bundle up a child with a fever
Don’t use alcohol or ice in the bath

Some children might experience febrile seizures, but that’s a whole other post.  Remember you know your child best and can best judge if they need to be brought in to be checked out by doctors.

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