Zaggora Hot Pants Vivas

Last summer I had the chance to try out Zaggora HotPants when they first came out. You can find the original post here and the update here.

Well once again I got to try out Zaggora HotPants, but this time I tried out the Viva in Pink with orange trim.  I loved that these come in different colors and not just black.  These have NO zipper.  So, just pull them on and your ready to go.  I think the material was thinner, so I was able to wear them under my daily clothes when I ran out. These are made of Neoprene, Polyester and Nylon.  The material reminds me of a wet suit type material and kind of makes a “swooshing” type sound when walking I noticed.  That didn’t surprise me though since the originals did the same.  I won’t complain though they did their job and the sound was gone when worn under pants when I went out.

HotPants work by helping increasing your core body temperature which helps you burn off even more calories than you would without them.  When tested they showed to help increase calorie burn by 26%.  I did notice that they helped increase my temperature and got me sweating way more during my exercise.  When I took them off I also noticed the skin on my legs seemed smoother.  I’ve seen people ask if you can sleep in your Zaggora HotPants.  I personally wouldn’t because you won’t see any results from just sleeping in your HotPants.  You need to be active and get moving to see the best results.

Colors: Pink, Orange, Green, Blue,  Yellow

Size: Viva Hot Pants run a little smaller, so make sure you check their sizing chart to make sure you get the right size.  You have a choice between small, medium, large & extra large.

Weight Loss In 2 Weeks

Before starting the 2 week challenge I checked my weight and measurements of my waist & hips.  I lost 3″ off of my waist and 2″ off my hips and 6.4lbs. They did help me lose more weight in 2 weeks than I normally do.

Cleaning HotPants Viva

Hand wash in cold water.  Line dry in shade

Do not wring
Do not iron
Do not bleach
Do not dry clean
No harsh chemicals or detergents

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