My Oldest Is Heading To School This Year

My oldest has grown so fast. He went from being my itty bitty baby that needed me to do everything to being a 4 years old who likes to try and do everything himself.  The 4 years really did fly by faster than anything. I still remember the day I found out I was pregnant.  Mothers day 2007 life changed when I say that positive that appeared within seconds.  Now he’s starting school next week.

I feel like I’m entering a new stage in life.  I’m entering the unknown of having a school age child.  I’m use to the baby stage, the toddler stage, but I’m welcoming it with open arms anyways.  His school does full day so, we will see how that goes.  My son is pretty excited to be starting school and can’t wait to make friends, play & learn.  He’s also pretty excited about bringing a lunch to school haha.  My youngest thinks that he is going to school also.  Poor guy is going to miss his brother while he’s at school.  I’ll need to look into some programs for his age a couple days during the week.  Keep him busy.

Yesterday we were at the mall and people were going crazy over all things back to school.  Everything so picked over and long line ups.  It was even hard finding shoes in my sons size that weren’t already sold out.  Next year I know to get a head start and avoid the big crowds of back to school shoppers.

Note to self: Charge the camera for first day of school pictures 🙂


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