Chilly October Day (Halloween is Almost Here!)


Today it started raining just as I had to pick up my oldest from school.  Lovely and just my luck.  I was hoping that it would hold off, but the rain had other plans.  Days like today I just want to stay in bed with all the blankets and sleep, but that’s not happen for this mama.  My youngest is having a late nap.  I’ll regret it later, but I couldn’t get him to stay up any longer and he refused to nap earlier.  His terrible twos are setting in and he is becoming pretty stubborn at times.  My oldest is taking sometime to play some games and I’m getting some blogging time in.  I can’t believe that October is already coming to an end.  Halloween is days away (Note to self: FIND the boys their Halloween costumes ASAP), Drake has been in school for 2 months, Cooler weather is setting in.

I’ve been in the Halloween mood all month, but have still not had time to sit down and watch my favorite scary movies.  I need to make some time for that.  This time of the year is great for spooky ghost stories and such.  You can see one of my unexplained pictures & story to go along with it here.  The house is all decorated for Halloween.  Pumpkins are done and can be seen here.


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