My Son is The Next Picasso

Clearly I have a little artist on my hands that thinks he is the next big thing coming.  He likes to practice his artwork on the walls from time to time with his trusty crayon that doesn’t let him down.  He gets creative when I step in the kitchen or decide to do something that will let him have a couple minutes to get creative.  As all parents know never trust a quiet child.  If you don’t hear them they are probably up to something and this is a great example of what happens during those quiet times.  I’m glad that he doesn’t do this as often anymore, but now and than it happens.  He has stacks of coloring books, paper, etc to use when he needs to come up with some art work.  I guess he feels that the walls display it better.

Oooh look at the use of two colors!

A question almost all moms will ask sometime in life is…

“How do you get crayon off the wall(insert anything other than coloring book)?”

I’ve used magic erasers.  They work great!  I can’t tell you how they work, but I hate that the sponge doesn’t last long.  I’ve used bleach and warm water with a sponge.  Worked alright, but took more time to get all the crayon off and it didn’t feel awesome on my hands.  Yea, I forgot to wear gloves.  My favorite little secret to removing crayon on walls is…ready for it…BAKING SODA.  One simple $1 box of baking soda with some warm water and sponge and your well on your way to cleaning up the walls.  No harsh smells or chemicals.  You can thank me later for this little cleaning tip.


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