Santa Claus Parade 2012

Brampton Santa Claus ParadeSaturday evening was the Brampton Santa Claus Parade.  I didn’t get many pictures because the streets were packed and the kids had to go up on our shoulders to see.  Way too hard to try and take pictures with a 2 year old going wild for all things Santa.  It was our first time going to the Brampton parade.  The kids had a good time and it really got me into  the Christmas mood. I can’t believe next month will be Christmas already.

Today was a quiet relaxing day at home with the kids.  I made sure to tune into the Toronto Santa Claus parade just like every year.    I can still remember watching it as a child.  Christmas shopping needs to start ASAP and the boys need to get their pictures done with Santa.

2012 Brampton Santa Claus Parade

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