Fitness Tips


Fitness Tips, Tricks and Motivation…Actually no tricks just good hard work will get you there.  If you can dream it you can achieve it.

  • Start today! because yesterday you said tomorrow and this time next year you will wish you had started.
  • Consistency is KEY.  You need to stick to it to see results.
  • Keep Track.  I do much better when I keep track of my measurements & calorie intake.
  • Have Patients.  It takes time to see results.  Your dream body won’t happen overnight.
  • Drink water.  I almost always have my water bottle on me.  Having that keeps me  from reaching for sugary drinks.
  • Prepare a head.  I like to keep cut up vegtables in the fridge for easy snacking.
  • Keep healthy snacks in the house.  Try to limit the junk.  If you don’t have it on hand you won’t be tempted to grab it.
  • Exercise in the morning.  It will give you more energy for the day.
  • Stretch before you workout to prevent injury and missed days.
  • Learn something new.  Have a few different workouts so, you don’t get bored of doing the same things everyday.
  • When you feel like giving up remind yourself of the body you want and keep pushing for it.
  • Track Your Measurements.  So, when your scale won’t budge you can see your still getting results.
  • Make time for exercise.  It’s now part of your daily routine.
  • Cardio & Strength Train.  Cardio will burn your fat and strength training will tone your muscles.


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