Historic Hamilton,On – Whitehern House & Garden

DSC_1567Welcome to Whitehern House & Garden located in Downtown Hamilton, On.  Built in 1850 for the city clerk and attorney Richard Duggan.  Calvin McQuesten purchased it in 1852. This is just one of the many great historic sites located around Hamilton.  I’m slowly marking off spots as I explore and see what there is around town.  There is something fascinating about these historic places. 


Calvin McQuesten, M.D (1801-1885)

Who cam to Hamilton from New Hampshire in 1835 joined his cousin John Fisher and established the first iron foundry in this city. He was the first president of the gore bank and an active supporter of the Presbyterian church.  Whitehern was purchased by Dr. McQuesten in the 1840’s.  He lived here for the remainder of his life.

Honorable Thomas Baker McQuesten K.C. (1882-1948)

Grandson of Dr. Calvin McQuesten he served as an Alderman in the city (1913-1920) and was a member of the board of park management (1920-1948) He led the movement to establish the royal botanical gardens and many of Hamilton’s parks.  As Ontario’s minister of highways and chairman of the Niagara parks commission.  He directed a period of substantial achievement.  Leaving Ontario with a fine highway system.  Some of it’s earliest historical restorations and extensive horticultural developments including the founding of a school for gardeners.

More information can be found at http://www.whitehern.com

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