Moving Check List

moving van

Make your move easier by making a list and checking things off as you go.  It will keep you on track with what has and hasn’t been done.

Packing Supplies

– Boxes
– Packaging Tape
– Newspaper/bubble wrap to wrap dishes
– Sharpie marker to mark your boxes
– Moving Dolly


Make sure to update your mailing address at:

– Your children’s school
– Doctors
– Dentist
– Credit cards
– Cell Phone company
– Memberships
– Mail subscriptions
– Bank Account
– Pay pal/Ebay


–  have a set up date for your cable, house phone, & Internet
– Arrange connection of Utilities in the house your moving to
– Make sure to arrange transportation to school if your child will be on a bus route
– Book a moving truck to insure its available on the date your moving
– Ask around friends & family to help with the move or hire a moving company
– To have your mail forwarded to your new address


– Any borrowed items so they don’t get lost in the move
– Any cable boxes, internet modems, etc…


Sort though your things and get rid of anything you really don’t need anymore.

Make sure to mark fragile boxes as fragile so, people know to be extra careful with that box.

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