My Families Monster Jam Experience 2014

monster truck spidermanOn April 5-6 2014 Monster Jam had rolled into Hamilton, Ontario.  My family and I were lucky to get to go and see such an exciting show.  The week leading up all I heard was my kids counting down the days until Saturday.  This was our first time ever going to Monster Jam and my kids absolutely loved it.  Of course when we arrived my kids declared they were hungry so, popcorn, hotdog & drinks for them.  Than we found our seats.  The count down started and the show was on its way to starting.  The Monster truck were huge and you could feel your seat move when the loud rumbling Monster Trucks rolled out.  These trucks stand at 12 feet tall and are 10 thousand pounds. My sons eyes were glued to the show.  They especially liked the Spider Man Monster Truck driven by Bari Musawwir since that’s their favorite cartoon character.  Also the “Canada leaf” one as one of sons called it a.k.a Northern Nightmare driven by Cam Mcqueen.

Krazy TrainThere was also Krazy Train driven by Lloyd Twitchel, Grave Digger driven by Chad Tingler, After Shock driven by Bob Robbin & Dragon’s breath driven by Scott Liddycoat. The show last about 2 hours and those 2 hours are jam packed with action and even some humor.  There was also some Monster Jam merchandise given away to some lucky people in the audience.  I remember watching Monster Trucks on TV with my dad years ago, so this was nice being able to bring my boys to see their first ever Monster Jam Show.  Monster Jam makes for a nice, exciting afternoon with your family.  If you have young ones or are sensitive to loud noises you may want to bring along some ear plugs or you can purchase some at the merchindise table.  Once the show was over they had an autograph session to get your Monster Jam signs, flags, etc signed by the drivers.  It was really a great day and definitely one to be remembered.

Monster Jam Photo Gallery

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