Spring Time & Colds

It’s been pretty quiet on both my blogs for over a week now because my household has been hit with a cold.  First my oldest son picked up a cold from school.  Once he was feeling better it seemed that we were all in the clear. Than a week later my youngest son and I got it and a couple days later my other half got it also. Followed with my oldest picking up a cough of his own.  At the moment we sound like some type of coughing orchestra.This cough is just lingering around longer than I care for.  So cross my fingers that we all get better this week and be done with it.

Oh yea and this morning I woke up to SNOW on April 15th, 2014.  Spring time…The last few days were beautiful and hit highs of +18. Now this.  Mother Nature get yourself together this isn’t funny anymore.


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