10 Tips to Beat Pregnancy Heartburn

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Pregnancy heartburn is common during pregnancy and can be very uncomfortable. Pregnancy heartburn can be brought on by increased levels of progesterone or the increased pressure on your internal organs. While pregnant with my second child I suffered from heartburn. Here are some tips to beat heartburn and continue on with your day.


  •   Buy some antacids such as tums. Keep them close by you never know when you will need them
  •   Try sleeping on your side instead of your back
  •   Keep your head slightly elevated to avoid heartburn when you lay down at night
  •   Try ginger tea after a meal
  •   Don’t eat too late into the evening
  •   A glass of cold milk can help in a pinch
  •   Give into your cravings and have that ice cream. Like milk it coats your stomach and can help with heartburn
  •   Try to avoid spicy or greasy foods
  •   Eat more smaller meals instead of 3 larger meals
  •   Drink water to help with digestion, but don’t drink too much water at meal time

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