10 Baby Registry Must Haves

baby must haves

Making the baby registry can be exciting. You have the scanner in hand and let loose in the store to scan whatever your heart desires, but make sure to get the essentials scanned in. No one really needs a high chair right off the bat. A Wipe warmer is a great idea, but not a necessary item.

Diapers: Not just the tiny cute newborn size. One size up would also be great. If you are heading down the cloth diaper route make sure to have enough. Newborns tend to go through lots of diapers at first.

Wipes: You can never have too many wipes. Wipes are handy for all kinds of things not just diaper changes.

Sudocrem: Amazing cream to sooth and heal sore skin caused by diaper rashes.

Car Seat: You must have a car seat in order to leave the hospital with your new bundle of joy. Make sure to read up on brands and find the perfect match within your budget.

Sleepers & Onesies: Stock pile these in different sizes. Make sure to get short sleeves and long sleeves.

Receiving blankets: These come in handy and can have multiple uses.

Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags: These come in handy for all mothers weather breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

Baby carrier: A must have for any mother. It allows the baby to stay close and warm to mama and lets you have your hands free to get some things done.

Baby swing: Give your arms and back a rest. Some babies even fall asleep while in the baby swing. These can be handy when you need to squeeze in a shower or have a bit to eat.

Baby Bathtub: There are so many different ones on the market right now. Small/travel sized ones that can fit in a sink. Ones that can be used past the newborn stage, baby baths that can also weight the baby, etc…

What would you recommend for a baby registry?


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