22 Ways to Keep Cool This Summer

tips to cool off this summer

– Wear light clothing
– If you have long hair tie it up
– Pack away your duvet covers. Instead sleep with cotton sheets on the bed.
– Avoid being out during the hottest times of the day. If you must be out remember sunscreen & a hat.
– Avoid strenuous work and exercise outside
– Head to the beach or pool to cool down
– Have a cool shower
– Soak your feet in cool water
– Avoid using your dryer. Instead hang your clothes outside to dry.
– Avoid using your oven when you can. It will heat your house in no time. Head outside and enjoy a BBQ or use a slow cooker.
– Eat lighter meals
– Snack on cool fresh fruits and vegetables
– Treat yourself to a cool treat such as a slushie or popsicle
– Cool your house in the evening. When the sun is going down and it’s cooling off make sure you open up your windows & door (make sure to have a screen so bugs don’t get in)
– In the morning make sure to close the windows and keep the curtains closed. It will help keep the hot air out.
– If you have a basement head downstairs for a bit to cool down
– If you are able to caught a cross breeze make sure to open up the windows
– Use multiple fans to get the air moving and to help push warm air out
– Fill a bowl with ice and place it in front of a fan to create a cool breeze
– Adjust your ceiling fan to go counter clockwise
– Turn off the lights. Light bulbs give off heat, so in the summer take advantage of the longer days. Use minimal lights in the evening.
– Head to an air conditioned mall, library or community center

What do you do to keep cool in the summer?

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