5 Amazing Panty Liner Hacks & Giveaway

We all know the traditional use of panty liners, but did you know there is many other uses for them? Today I’ll be sharing some hacks to help you when you’re on the go this summer.

1. Panty liners can be great at absorbing sweat.  You can use them in your bra to avoid the dreaded underboob sweat.

2. Ever have the under wire of your bra pop through? Instead of being poked  and uncomfortable all day you can use a liner. Simply cut a piece to the size you need and place over the under wire of your bra.  This will help until you can change and get it fixed properly.

3. Ran out of band-aids or forgot to pack some? No problem. Panty liners can be effective at covering a wound.

4. Did your new or favorite shoes betray you and you’re now left with a blister? use a panty liner to help cushion it.

5.  Panty Liners can be used to clean things up when on the go.  You can use them to clean up spills or clean a messy face.

Next time you head out make sure to pack a few extra panty liners in your purse to help out in a pinch.

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