Is Your Child Starting Kindergarten? Things You Need To Know!

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Do you have a little one starting Junior Kindergarten this year? Here are some things to help the start of the year go more smoothly.

School Lunches: If your child is new to the school please make sure to find out the school policy on lunches. This is a big thing in my son’s school as there are children facing all different food allergies. I find it slightly differs from school board to school board. Some might just be no nuts, peanuts or tree nuts while others may have a larger list such as no nuts, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, egg, dairy, or anything homemade if they don’t know the ingredients.

Packing Lunches: You will need to decide on if you’re going to use plastic and/or reusable baggies to pack lunch items in or reusable containers. You may even want to pick up a thermos for soups or pasta. Let your child pick out their favorite lunch bag. They could even help pack their lunch. Make sure to check over your schools lunch and snack times schedule to ensure you pack enough for your child. You may need to adjust the amount throughout the year.

Transportation: If you’re new to the school or moved to a new house/apartment check with your school to see if buses are available or if your child must walk to school. If your child is taking the school bus prepare them for it. Make sure you have the times and stop number before school starts up. Kindergarten children may have a bus tag attached to their backpacks. If your child is walking make sure to leave a little early the first day just to see how long it takes to ensure you get there on time. You could even do a test walk a few days leading up. Remember kindergarten students walking must be with a parent/guardian or caregiver that is listed in the registration papers.

Clothing: First off find out if the school is uniforms or not. If it is uniforms you might be required to order them during the summer or see if your child’s school sells the school crest which than can be sewn onto your child’s clothing. Children’s Place, Wal-mart, Old Navy usually sell plain school uniform long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, pants, dresses and skirts. Make sure to check these places early before the selection is picked over. If your child will be attending a school that is not uniform go for a fun shopping trip and pick out some of your child’s favorites. When it comes to kindergarten getting jogging pants is much easier for them then button up pants. White tops can end up looking horrible after a day so, if you can try to stay clear of them for kindergarten. Make sure to have indoor shoes and outdoor shoes. Also remember to label everything. Young kids tend to lose their things at school like mittens, hats, sweaters, even lunch bags and backpacks if another child has the same one. I’ll leave this off with a check list of what your child will need for cold weather, rainy weather, and sunny warm days at school.

Things Your Child Will Need For Each Season


– Snowsuit

– Mittens or gloves x 2 pairs

– Scarf


– Extra socks

– Indoor shoes

– Change of clothes

– Sweater or Hoodie


– Light spring coat for the spring time and a warm coat for fall

– Umbrella

– Sweater or Hoodie

– Rain boots

– Rain coat

– Sunscreen (Often needed near the end of the school year when the weather is warming up and they are playing outside or on school trips. I like to apply some before school or trips when it is need along with sending it in with them)

– Hat

First Day Jitters: Some children get them while others don’t. There’s no 100% way to beat the first day jitters, but you can help ease them. This is pretty common with junior kindergarten kids and they may even have tears and not want to go in. Even mom or dad may feel a little emotional. Talk about it with your child in the days leading up to the big day. Answer any questions they might have. Have your child help pick out their clothes for the first day. As mentioned before have them help pack their lunch with you. Remind them you will be picking them up after school or getting them from their bus stop. When you register your child for school find out if there is a special day when the students can check out the kindergarten classroom beforehand. Give them a hug and reassure them it will be okay and even fun.

Good Luck in Kindergarten!

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