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A few days back I received Qixels. The timing couldn’t be better.  The weather was overcast and on and off showers, so we spent the afternoon in. My two sons are 5 years old and 7 years old and minecraft obsessed. So, naturally this caught their eyes right away and they couldn’t wait to try Qixels and build their creations pixel by pixel.

My kids got to try out the Qixels Design Creator and the Qixels Turbo Dryer. There is also a Qixels Theme Refill Packs and the Qixels Fuse Blaster available. The Design Creator includes 1200 Qixels in a mix of colors. 1 design tray, 8 templates, 1 storage tray & 1 water sprayer.  It’s a good set to start off with. The Qixels Turbo Dryer includes 500 cubes in mixed colors, 1 turbo dryer, 1 water sprayer, 2 design trays, 2 stands, 2 display bases, 2 accessories, 1 bag tag and thread.

My kids had a great time creating their designs. They used the templates this time around, but started thinking up other ideas that they could create with Qixels.  I even heard a request for more for Christmas. I love that these join together with just water.  No need for sticky glue or a hot iron or tape that will dry out and fall apart.  My youngest son thought it was “magic water”, but really all you use is your regular tap water.  It’s a quick set up and easy clean up once the kids are done having fun.  I highly recommend Qixels.  It’s a great afternoon activity and gets the kids away from the screen.

Qixels Step by Step

1. First choose your design template or think up any creation you want to make. Than place it on the design tray.

2. Pick what colors you want to use in your creation and firmly press them on to the pins on the design tray. My kids found it easier once they got more cubes on the tray because they fit more snug. Make sure all your cubes are level.

3. Fill up the water sprayer and spray the creation with water.  Make sure to sray all over it and you will notice water pool on top of each cube. If you don’t have the Turbo dryer you tilt the design tray to remove some of the excess water.  If you do have the Turbo Dryer you place it in and spin for 30 seconds to remove excess water.

4. Lay Tray Flat to dry. Wait 30 minutes for it to dry.  If it’s not leave it a little longer.

5. Once your creation is dry you carefully peel it from the design tray and remove from template.

Pictures of Qixels Creations

(Click Image to Enlarge)


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