Weekly Wrap Up: Back to School

weekly wrap up

This is my first “Weekly Wrap Up” in a long time. It seems like I don’t post much about daily life anymore and I want to get back into it.  So, every Friday I will be posting about the week and how it went.  I like looking back on my posts and reading what was going on at that certain time in life.

Can you believe it has already been 3 weeks(give or take) since the kids have headed back to school? My two sons have settled into the school year fantastic this year. Last year was a little rough for one of my sons, so I’m thrilled he’s having a great start this year. I’ve been keeping on top of our morning routines and everything has been going smoothly in the mornings. I’ll probably be sharing a post in the up coming weeks on how my house hold gets ready in the mornings during the week and sharing some tips to success with you. Our mornings do start a little earlier this year, but it seems to be working out fine and my kids normally wake up early anyways.

One thing that I have hated since school is back is packing lunches. During the summer holidays, Christmas holidays, March break it’s so easy coming up with lunch ideas. My kids like hot lunches and are not sandwich kids at all. Give them a sandwich and they will not eat it. So, it takes a lot of creativity to pack lunches they will enjoy that does not include a sandwich. I’m always trying to come up with new lunch ideas for my boys that they will not get bored of.

With back to school well underway and September about to wrap up Halloween is right around the corner already. This year is going so fast!

If you have any lunch tip ideas for picky eaters comment below


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