Weekly Wrap Up: December is here

Christmas time

Can you believe we are already one week into December? Crazy! and I still haven’t started Christmas shopping. So, I need to get on that. I can’t believe how fast this year went by. The kids have wrote letters to Santa already and been asking to make cookies for Santa already. They are really excited for Christmas Holidays and the big day. My 5 year old wants Lego and a big ninja turtle that turns into a play set.  My 7 year old asked for an iPhone. Yeaaaa you read that right. I told him Santa can’t be going into cell phone stores activating all kinds of phones for kids haha He also mentioned Furby Boom and Super Smash Bros for the WiiU.

Last Monday we went to the CP Holiday Train. It was a cold night, but a lot of people came out to enjoy the Christmas music and Christmas lights and make a donation to the local food bank. We also saw the Hamilton Santa Claus parade a couple weeks back. The kids had fun and enjoyed seeing the floats and marching bands. This upcoming week the Christmas lights will be going up and the other outside decorations.



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