The Monsters Inside Written by Belinda O’Brien

the monsters inside

The Monsters Inside

Written by Belinda O’Brien

Illustrations by Jemina Venter

Reading is something that happens every day in my household. My two children both enjoy their bedtime stories or even reading a quick book during the day. As my oldest son (8) is getting better at reading he likes helping his younger brother read as well. We recently had the chance to read “The Monsters Inside.” It’s a children’s book that deals with feelings such as feeling mad, being annoyed and even being frustrated with others. It’s about a boy named Jack who is learning how to deal with his “monsters” that come out when he is feeling angry or upset. His mother helps him cope with these feelings. A lot of children can relate as they are learning how to deal with these big feelings that might happen during the day weather at home, school or at the park.

Just take a breath in through your nose, so big it wriggles down to your toes. Then close your eyes, count to ten, and if you need to, start again.

It’s important that children learn different ways to deal with these strong feelings and this book helps with that.¬†Reading a book that deals with these feelings can help your child better understand what is going on and how to overcome these situations that they may face. My 5 year old says he likes this book because it talks about feelings. I have read this book numerous times to my children. My kids also enjoy the illustrations in the book. The illustrations are bright, fun and children can relate to them. I recommend this book to families with young children.

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