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Instagram is one of my favorite social media platforms. It’s a mobile app that is used to share images and videos with others around the world. It has quickly grown and is something to have if you have a blog, website or business. It is easy to reach out to your target audience by using the correct “hashtag” and it is very easy to use. I’m going to share some tips on what works best for gaining followers and getting more likes.

How to Gain More Followers & Get More Likes on Instagram

Post Often: I don’t mean post 1000’s of images a day. That could actually work against you if your filling up feeds. Try to aim at posting at least a couple times a day or a few times a week.

Hashtags: Make sure you are using hashtags that are fitting to the image you post. Since I upped the number of hashtags I use I have noticed more likes and more followers.

Be Social: Come on this is a social media app for sharing pictures with people, so check out other pictures that are in the similar category as yours and share some likes. Most times people will come to your feed and like some images back.

Post Quality Pictures: Most smart phones now-a-days take decent pictures so, it’s easy to post pictures that are attractive and will caught peoples attention. With the right hash tags and a nice pictures you can see an increase in likes and even followers

Post Funny Memes or Inspirational Quotes: People love funny things and inspirational quotes. Many people turn to social media to find a good laugh or find some inspiration. When used correctly this can bring up your likes and even bring in new followers.

Use Crowdfire: The crowdfire app can be useful to see who is following you and who has unfollowed you. You will have an option to “Copy Followers” from any Instagram account. Find another person in your niche and input their username. Crowdfire will than bring up a list of their most engaged followers. You can pick who you want to follow. This is useful when trying to find more followers that might be interested in what you post. Don’t be that person who follows a bunch of people and than turn around and unfollow them the day later. Nobody likes that.

Giveaways: If you are a blogger or brand giveaways can be a great way to up your following. Offer up an awesome prize to your followers. Have a require entry be something such as “Like this image”, “Follow my account”, “Repost this image.” Another way to get in on sharing awesome giveaways is joining in on a giveaway loop.

Popular Instagram Hashtags

Popular Hash Tags For Beauty/Makeup Bloggers

#beauty | #beautyblogger | #bblogger | #beautycare | #beautybloggers | #beautyproducts | #makeupjunkie | #makeupaddict | #makeup | #beautyblog | #makeuplover | #makeupgeek

Popular Has Tags For Sky/Sunset/Sunrise Pictures

#sky | #skyline | #skylovers | #sunset | #sunsets | #sunset_madness | #allsunsets | #instasky | #instasun | #sunsetlovers | #sunsetsnipper | #sunset_pics | #instasky | #insta_sky_lovers | #skyperfection

Popular Hash Tags For Nature Pictures

#nature | #naturelovers | #natureperfection | #natureaddict | #nature_sultans | #naturelovers | #nature_seekers  | #nature_shooters | #naturegram | #naturephotography | #nature_perfection

Popular Hash Tags For Daily Pictures

#dailypic | #daily | #picoftheday | #pictureoftheday | #photooftheday | #photogrid | #pics | #pictures | #dailyphoto | #snapshot


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