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With springtime right around the corner many families are trying to come up with fun ways to entertain their families and head out on the road together. Want to take your family to a different and unique place? how about get the kids outside and away from the screen? Dinosaur National Monument in Vernal, Utah would be the prefect fit for the nature and dinosaur lovers in your family. It stretches across more than 200,000 acres of land.  Take a trip back in time and learn about the dinosaurs that use to roam the earth many years before us. Visitors can see the world-renowned dinosaur quarry which is located here and touch over 1,500 dinosaur bones and fossils from Allosaurus, Stegosaurus, Apatosaurus, Diplodicus, and many others. There is also a collection of ancient petroglyphs carved into the stone and pictographs painted onto the stone located here. Wildlife lovers will love it here since there is a lot of wildlife to watch when visiting the trails and state parks. Weather your looking for birds, four legged mammals or fish you will find it here.

There is many different activities to take part in when visiting Dinosaurland. You can take a stroll or ride your bike along one of the many trails that are located here. They have trails for beginners, intermediate and advance hikers. Take in the beautiful views and capture some breath taking photos. View some of the dinosaur tracks that have been left behind in the Navajo sandstone. Want to hit the water? you can go on a guided river tour along the Yampa and Green Rivers. A record size lake trout was caught here at the Flaming Gorge. It was caught back in 1988 and weight in at 51lbs 8oz. You can take a trip back in time and visit the museums that are located there.

Daughters of the Utah Pioneer Museum is a museum that is located in a rock building that was built in 1187. You will be able to view artifacts and pictures from the early settlers and Fremont and Ute Indians.

Uintah County Heritage Museum will teach you about the people who helped shape the history of Uintah Basin and see what life was like for them. It features displays of the pioneers, Native American Indians, Miners, Soilders, Lawmen and Outlaws that were once located here.

Utah Field House of Natural History State Park Museum This is Utahs newest dinosaur museum and dinosaur park. Here you will get hands on experience and get the chance to find some fossils. Do a little investigating through books, models, and puzzles to learn more about dinosaurs.

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With so many attractions here you will want to sit down with your family and make a plan of what is on the top of your list. Along with the many attractions there is also restaurants, hotels and even camping available. My dinosaur loving sons would absolutely love taking a trip here and learning more about dinosaurs and seeing the fossils in real life. Dinosaurland would be a great learning experience for everyone in the family.

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