Halloween Safety Tips

Soon our streets will be filling with witches, superheroes and more coming to the door to trick or treat. Which means Halloween is right around the corner so, I think it’s the perfect time to go over Halloween safety tips.

– Purchase glow sticks or reflective strip to place on costume or candy bag.

– Bring a flash light to see where you are stepping.

– Don’t zig zag back and forth across the street. Go up one side of the street and down the other. Make sure to cross at the corner and not between cars.

– When crossing the street the same rules apply as any other day. Make sure to check both ways. 

– Stay in well lit areas.

–  Stay in a group and don’t wander off alone.

– Never go into a strangers house.

– Only go to doors with their outside lights on.

– Don’t run across yards or through ditches. 

–  If the ground is wet from rain be extra careful when going up or down stairs. Make sure to use the hand rail. Also watch out for slippery leafs that have fallen.

– Make sure the costume fits properly so, your child doesn’t trip over it

– If you live in a cooler area make sure to have your child wear layers under their costume to keep them warm.

– Don’t eat the treats until they have been checked at home.

– Bring a cell phone just incase there is an emergency.

– If your child is old enough to go out with a group of friends make sure they tell you what route they will be taking. 

– Don’t accept a ride from any strangers.

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

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