Exploring Ontario: Albion Falls- Hamilton, Ontario

Back in 2016 I Started to explore areas in and around Hamilton, Ontario. I explored the different Trails and waterfalls and used the stairs along the escarpment. I can’t wait until the weather warms up and I can head out to the trails again. Until than I’ll be sharing my pictures and posts of the waterfalls and trails I explored in the fall. I meant to do that than, but was caught up in exploring.


Albion Falls

Location: Mud street & Mountain Brow Boulevard Hamilton, Ontario 

Type of Falls
: Classical/Cascade Falls with year round water flow

: 62.32 feet /or 19 metres 

: Easy 

One of the easiest and well known falls in Hamilton is Albion Falls. Weather you drive or take public transit you can reach this falls. If taking public transit HSR #21 goes right past the falls. If you’re driving there is 2 parking lots near by to park in. This is easy to get to and beautiful to view. The day I went it wasn’t too busy, but there was people doing a photoshoot. I made sure to stay out of the way. I tend to head out to the falls in the morning during the week, so it’s not as busy. I think weekends or later in the day it might get more busy. 

There are trails to explore around here and steps leading closer to the falls. Make sure to wear proper footwear and remember it can be slippery. Watch your step when stepping on the rocks at the bottom. After a rain the dirt is also slippery so be careful. Once at the bottom relax and take in the view and sounds of the water falling. I’ve been here once and plan to head back out in the springtime.

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Pictures of Albion Falls

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