Daily Cleaning Routine When Living With a Toddler


When you have a toddler at home cleaning the whole house once in a week is not enough. We all know about their incredible ability of walking around constantly and touching everything they see. That is why creating a daily cleaning routine is more than necessary. Moreover, it is parents responsibility to ensure life in a healthy environment and create hygiene habits in their child.

Hand washing

When it comes about taking care of toddlers, hand washing is one of the most important things. Always help the child to wash their hands. Before and after supper, after a game or a walk. Wash frequently your hands also. Especially if you are going to prepare food. When you have visitors at home, ask them politely to do the same before communicating with the child.


As toddlers are pretty agile and often can be found in the sand or in the mud in the backyard, it is better to bath them every evening. In general kids adore water, but if there are any difficulties put in the tube some toys and make bathing a pleasant game. For example, bring a doll to have a bath too or introduce Mother Duck and her babies.

Dressing the toddler

Dress your toddler every day with clean clothes. If it happens to find some sauce on the child’s blouse after a game with spaghetti in the afternoon, change it. Always separate the dirty clothes in a laundry-basket.

Kitchen cleaning

Kitchen is one of the places where parents should observe very high hygiene. Put it in order every evening after dinner – wash and put the dishes in the cupboard, wipe the table, sweep the floor. Next morning the toddler can have a breakfast in a clean atmosphere. Prepare the food not earlier then the previous evening. In this way you will be sure its fresh.

Taking care about the living room

This is where children spend a big part of the day. As they are playing mostly on the ground, deep clean camden advises to vacuum the floor regularly, so it is always clean. Put away all easy accessible objects as pictures in frames, pens, small souvenirs, magazines, table-clothes and everything else that collects dust fast and the toddler won’t hesitate to put in their month. Wipe also once per day the tables, cupboards and cabinets.

Fresh air and ventilation

Open the window in the toddler room every morning and ventilate for at least an hour. Take the bed sheets and blankets on the balcony for a couple of minutes, even beat the dust out of them. Bring regularly fresh air in the other rooms of the house as well.

Protection from illnesses

If you or other member of the family gets ill keep distance from the child, sleep in different room or use a mask. Don’t gather with ill people or children, so you don’t bring a virus home.

Giving en example

Stimulating hygiene habits in small children should also be part of the daily cleaning routine. It is never too early to start teaching the toddler things. Teach by being an example. Show that you throw away a banana peel in the trash bin. Every time you sneeze or cough put your hand on the mouth and encourage the child to do the same. Be patient, it will take a while until the toddler acquires this new knowledge but you will be happy when the result comes.

This daily living with a toddler routine is different than the usual cleaning you do once in the week. If you want to be sure your child is growing in a healthy environment apply it or create your own.

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