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3 Ways to Prevent AC Problems in the Summer

For your customers to keep their air conditioner running at its best, it needs regular maintenance and care, or TLC in “slang”. Poorly maintained air conditioners are more likely to have problems and may not perform as well as they should, which quickly spells disaster when your clients push the button, hoping for some cool air to relax them.

Rather than your customers lose their cool when their air conditioner goes on the fritz, they should know that they can prevent serious problems from occurring. To do this, they first need to get an idea of the most prevalent issues that plague window and central air conditioners. There are several vital problems they definitely need to know about.

However, who’s it up to explain all these frequent issues and advise your customers on how to handle problem prevention when summer temperatures begin rising? It’s up to you, who else, which is why you also need to brush up on your explanation skills and familiarize yourself with the most common problems that plague AC systems during summer.

Under Control

How Can My Customers Prevent Summer Air Conditioning Issues?

The first thing you need to know is that you should be familiar with what your customers could be capable of when it comes to performing actions that serve to prevent the appearance of problems with the AC during summer. Stick to the less technical actions they could perform on their own and just mention the more advanced procedures they should also do.

Chances are your clients are not that savvy with air conditioners and they might get deterred by the idea of them having to take on advanced engineering challenges they’ve never even heard of before. So, stick to the basics and, if they need any professional assistance, they know who they can call to help them tune up their AC.

Cleaning The Filter

First and foremost, your customers should start by inspecting the air filter on their unit and seeing if they need to clean or replace it. If it’s a bit dirty, a good cleaning should do the trick. However, if it’s overly dirty or clogged, there’s no other way to go other than replacing the filter with a new and modern one to ensure the maximum indoor air quality in their home.

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Keeping The Plants

Checking The Windows

Then, even though your customer’s windows are not exactly related to their air conditioner, they are related to the overall temperature in their home or office, which is why they need to check them as well.

Too Much Sun

If there’s too much sunlight coming in through the windows, it’s going to be a lot more difficult for the AC to cool the space. Advise your customers to use blinds and shades to reduce the sun exposure and reduce their indoor temperature to make it easier for their air conditioner to work its magic.


Also, your customers should inspect the seals around their windows to ensure there’s no warm or hot air seeping in through small cracks. If there are any holes and cracks present in the seals, they need to resolve this issue immediately.

Keeping The Plants Under Control

Keeping The Plants Under Control

One of the easiest things your customers can do to prevent the appearance of air conditioner issues is to inspect the area surrounding their exterior unit and ensure there are no obstructions in the form of plants and trees around it. If there are obstructions present, they can easily hamper the operations of the entire system and make it a lot less efficient and effective at reducing the temperature in their home or office.

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